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Have you ever been in a situation when you don’t know what to present? What to choose if the person has everything? Or you just have no time, but want to be original? La Roserie answers all these questions, as it’s easy to choose your perfection with us.

You would think giving just roses could be outworn, but we want to change this stereotype and present elegant arrangement of high-quality roses.

All our custom-designed boxes are hand-crafted and made of quality materials.

Our flowers are a perfect present for a beloved person, family, friends, colleagues and business-partners. And we know they will love them.

Elegance and quality are what we can guarantee for you.

“Delivery of emotions”, “box of happiness” – our regular clients call us. Try, and you’ll love it too!

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How many days ahead should I place my order?

It is best to make an order a few days in advance. Of course, you can make the order even earlier. If you need an express order, check availability by calling +380966291118.

What makes our roses unique?

We work only with high-quality roses from highland plantations in Ecuador, Kenya and Colombia. Such roses have bigger bud size and longer vase life in comparison with local roses.

Do you make anonymous delivery?

Yes, we can deliver flowers anonymously.

What should I do, if I don't know the delivery address?

If you want to give flowers to a person, but don’t know where to deliver, you can give us her contact number or profile link in social networks (FB, Instagram). We will contact the person, and arrange delivery details.

Can you write additional text on the greeting card?

Yes, we can write by hand the text you need.

What should I do if I want to put a present inside the envelope?

Our envelopes are sealed with wax. If you want to write a text on the greeting card personally or to put a present inside the envelope (e. g. tickets, gift certificate or cash), you should tell us beforehand. We will stick the wax on a double-sided tape.

Do you have a flower concierge service?

Yes, you can specify in advance the event dates when you need to congratulate someone and we will remind you about these events. This service is free of charge.

What additional services do you have?

With our flowers we can deliver chocolates, a bottle of champagne etc.

For additional fee we can design an individual greeting card.


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